Account Profiling

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We know what data you need about your targeted account. Our experienced team brings you the complete intelligence of your customer/account to give complete insight about what they are up to and status of his situation including expenditure, budgets, current infrastructure, SEC filings, family structure and other intel necessary to address the right pain point. Actionable data we provide will definitely help you to position your offer in a systematic way where your client hesitates to avoid grabbing your offer!

Account Profiling

Most of the companies who are growing faster do use this service to gather business intelligence on competitors, prospects, customers and suppliers. We gather this data by extensive research which includes online as well as telephonic data gathering. Later they are put in a readable format under each section of intel. With the insights we offer, you will not miss any news about your customer and his challenges. A typical company profile commonly include pointers from company description, Financials, Stock Exchanges, Industry type(SIC code) and industries servicing to, products, Competitors, recent Mergers and acquisitions, Executive board info, Infrastructure info etc. All these profiles are build based on the type of customization you need.


  • Identify customer trends and attributes – get a detailed picture of the location, industry, size and other characteristics of your customers.
  • Generate customer profiles – we can identify clusters of similar customers who are important to your business. We compare the profiles of the clusters and provide you with personas of your customers together with an analysis of their value to your business.
  • Target new ‘matched’ prospects – using the insight from the data, we can help you to find new prospective customers who match the high value profiles within your existing database.
  • Reduce costs and waste – by adding focus and insight to your database, we can help you to reduce costs across all of your marketing campaign activity by targeting more closely matched prospects.
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