Promoting your business with DataXpander is as easy as ABC. Take your business next level by reaching 10 million companies worldwide.

Data Intelligence

Businesses can never be contacted without the proper information in place. Many times a source of data might miss

Lead Generation & Email Marketing

List Acquistion refers to gathering email/fax/phone and other related fields for marketing by

Data Appending & Email Verification

Have an email campaign requirement? We have state of the art servers which can handle large amounts of mail

Account Profiling

Company profiling involves getting right inside a business to really understand their decision making processes

Market Research

Graphic, Web, Logo and other designing services are another set of services that you could make use from us.

Case Study

Market Research is a methodical and process oriented approach to identify Target markets and the ideal prospects


Promoting your business with DataXpander is as easy as ABC. Take your business next level by reaching 10 million companies worldwide.

DataXpander – Promote your product across the globe

You have a customized Data need? DataXpander has developed the offers that can suit your budget and business target.


Providing data as service




Your relationship with your sales teams and your CEO depends on DATA

Marketing is everything that you must do to develop relationships with members of your target audience. The clue is in the word relationship. You cannot develop successful relationships without effort and time.

At the very least, a website can help your customers find you, providing contact details and showcasing your work. But the marketing opportunities that the internet presents go much wider and deeper than this. Your website is no use if nobody visits it. Simple steps like choosing a memorable name, promoting your website and driving traffic to your site via email marketing campaigns. Email marketing has become a vital tool for small businesses that want to send regular marketing messages. The initial attractions are obvious – it’s fast and cheap. But that’s not all – email marketing offers sophisticated opportunities to target messages to the right people at the right time and bring in serious business. Response rates for bulk emails are higher than for direct mailings, thanks to the immediacy of the medium. Results can be measured and used to make subsequent email marketing more tightly focused.


So As a marketer are you ready with your prospecting list?

It is easy to get a database however it is too challenging to find the right one for your marketing which your ESP supports. How we are unique-

  • Our B2B files will have no Generic emails address & Public domains
  • B2C files are scrubbed with bad and Spammed emails
  • File free from " catch-all" emails
  • Get each data Manually verified, 5 days prior to Delivery
  • Back-end support of 300+ tele callers & 60+ research team to increase your response rate
  • Data nurturing/Regular data updates
The excess of information available in the online world has created the horrible scenario where there's too much of a good thing. If you're looking for helpful advice or guides, you'll be able to find them in droves, all with contradicting views and opinions on best practices.

DataXpander has ability to track data on the internet, allowing user-centric information for marketers and companies at a level that has never previously been available. Making this data actionable though it is difficult.

A few of our customers

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